Inflammatory Bowel Disease Special Interest Group

GENCA membership provides access to Special Interest Groups (SIGs) who work with the GENCA Office in the planning, development, access and dissemination of information specific to the needs of the SIG.

The National IBD Nurses Group was established in October 2014.

The Group is led by a steering committee convened to support the development of specialist inflammatory bowel disease nurses and nursing practice across Australia. The steering committee is a sub-group of the Gastroenterological Nurses College of Australia (GENCA).


  • Support and steer educational and networking forums for IBD nurses on a national and state-based level
  • To provide a coordinated approach to decision making, pooling of resources, accountability and proactivity of IBD nursing nationally within our specialist field in partnership with our medical colleagues, patient support organisations and the pharmaceutical industry
  • Promote and encourage communication and peer support amongst IBD nurses nationally
  • To be proactive in and guide the development of IBD nursing patient care pathways and protocols with the aim of providing consistent, optimal care to our patients 
  • Encourage IBD nurses to participate in nurse-led research and develop the skills required to present at meetings and conferences


  • To produce a quarterly report for members of the IBD SIG, the GENCA Board and AIBDA, with the purpose of disseminating national and state developments in IBD nursing. The report will be made available on the GENCA website
  • To facilitate regular educational and networking opportunities specific to IBD nurses
  • To form and contribute to the development of IBD management guidelines and position statements
  • To form and maintain professional relationships with GENCA, Gastroenterological Society of Australia (GESA), and the Australian Inflammatory Bowel Disease Association (AIBDA)  in order to promote IBD nursing
  • To drive increased awareness of IBD and IBD nursing amongst other health professionals, organisations and the wider community 

IBD Nurses Australia members

The IBD Nurses Australia Group has around 120 members across Australia and New Zealand.Our members are employed in both the private and public health sectors.

The IBD Nurses Australia Group works closely with organisations which support IBD Nursing and offers a range of partnership packages.  Download the 2019 IBDNA Sponsorship Prospectus here. Download the 2019 IBDNA partner booking form here.

In 2016 Crohn's & Colitis Australia (CCA) released the Interim Australian IBD Standards: Standards of healthcare for people with inflammatory bowel disease in Australia.  GENCA Director, Stephanie Buckton, is a member of the Quality of Care Steering Committee which was responsible for the development of these standards.  The standards are available online at 

IBD Education 

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, all IBD education planned for 2020 has been postponed - this includes the IBD Foundation school, IBD Advanced school, as well as State meetings.  Plans will be made for education in late 2020 and into 2021.