2017 National Conference

Speaker presentations

Presentations in PDF format are available below where the speaker has given permission for their presentation to be available.  Presentations are available for information and must not be copied in any manner. 


CROWTHER, Jo-anne - A colorectal cancer diagnosis - What to say and how to say it

GHUMANN, Dr Azhar - The managment of antithrombotic agents for patients undergoing GI endoscopy

KENDALL, Brad MBBS, PhD, FRACP - Pathophysiology and endoscopic management of Barrett's oesophagus

LAMPE, Guy - Pathophysiology of polyp formation - the progression of displasia in polyps

LIGHTOWLER, Daniel BN, GradDipHPEd, DipN - How are we performing: Peristomal Pyoderma Gangrenosum in an Inflammatory Bowel Disease Case Series

MCCAFFERTY, Charles - Gastrointestinal endoscopy - associated infections and their contributing factors

MCGREGOR, Mandy - Conflict Resolution

MCNEILL, Shannon - Health & Wellbeing in a modern world

MILLIGAN, Lucy - Diagnostic Adequacy of Non-targeted Liver Biopsies in Rediology-A Retrospective Audit

O'DONNELL, Christopher - Building a Healthier Australia and a Healthier Profession 

SHEIKH, Dr Kashi, MBBS, MRCP (UK), FRACP - Upper gastrointestinal bleeding

SPEER, Dr Tony - International response to AB resistant contaminates

SZETOO, Dr Sean Wiyang - Food Bolus Impaction and Foreign Body Ingestion - The Emergency Presentation

SZETOO, Dr Sean Wiyang - Haematochezia - The Emergency Presentation

TAVAKOLI, Paris - Novel investigation to predict the course of Inflammatory Bowel Diseases

WHALLEY, Kym - Cancer - A personal perspective