Fundamentals of endoscope reprocessing workshop

This foundation program serves as an introduction to the reprocessing of flexible endoscopes incorporating infection control, structure and function, water filtration and workplace health and safety.   These workshops are aimed at nurses, CSSD technicians and assistants involved with the reprocessing of flexible endoscopes.  This program was revised in 2016 in accordance with current standards including AS/NZ 4187:2014, updated guidelines and manufacturers instructions.  Click here to download a copy of the program.

On completion of the workshop the participant will be able to reflect and query their practice in their workplace related to:

  • The structure and function of the endoscope
  • Accessory equipment and ultrasonic cleaners
  • Occupational Health and Safety Issues with reprocessing chemicals
  • Infection control issues in endoscopy
  • Flexible endoscope cleaning
  • Documentation
  • Procedure for microbiological testing of flexible endoscopes
  • Water filtration

It is recommended that prior to undertaking the Fundamentals workshop, you have completed the Endoscope Reprocessing online theory component. Click here for step by step instructions on how to access the online component.

Following completion of this course, you may wish to undertake the Practical Skills Assessment.  Proof of completion of the above course is required to book an assessment.

See the attached flyer which shows the calendar of proposed dates and locations for 2020. 

Go to the GENCA calendar to view the proposed dates for Fundamentals workshops.  Fundamentals workshops can be arranged in your area/workplace for a minimum of 12 attendees. Email the GENCA office to express interest in arranging a workshop in your area/workplace.

Please click here to access a registration form for currently scheduled 2020 Fundamentals workshops in Australia.

Please click here to access a registration form for currently scheduled 2020 Fundamentals workshops in New Zealand.

Fundamentals facilitators

GENCA currently has 13 Fundamentals facilitators:

New South Wales - Lynn Rapley, Sandra Ko
New Zealand - Karen Kempin, Karen Clarke
Queensland - Di Jones, Desley Raynham, Charlie Vaughan, Gale Roe, Kim West 
South Australia - Lyndall Moorcraft 
Tasmania - Melanie Scott 
Victoria - Vivienne Hickmott, Michele van Harten
Western Australia