Practical Skills Assessments

GENCA Practical Skills Assessments require candidates to demonstrate knowledge and skills in the effective cleaning and disinfection of gastroscopes and colonoscopes in general use in Australia. These assessments can not address the specific needs of specialised scopes such as duodenoscopes where as always that manufacturers most current cleaning instructions are followed meticulously.

Practical Skills Assessments are available following GENCA Fundamentals of endoscope reprocessing workshops and following most regional meetings.  Refer to the GENCA calendar for details of availability of skills assessments.  

  • Potential applicants wishing to be assessed can access the GENCA online learning portal and work through the theoretical component of the package. Click here to access step by step instructions for the online component.
  • Practical Skills Assessment sessions will be held at least annually at every National and Regional meeting; as required at other official GENCA meetings; and for a negotiated fee, at other locations (preliminary application form is available here).
  • Application forms for assessment at the next available Australian date are available here.
  • Application forms for assessment at the next available New Zealand date are available here.