2021 "IGNITE" IBD Nurses Foundation School



The 2021 virtual "IGNITE" IBD Nurses Foundation School, supported by AbbVie, is taking registrations now!

The school is designed for those who wish to enter IBD Nursing in the future, or those in their first 18 months of an IBD Nurse position.  The course has been developed by leading IBD nurses from across Australia and New Zealand, and is more robust and covers more topics than ever before.

For the first time, the school is being held in an online learning environment, allowing access to nurses from all over Australia and New Zealand.  Places are limited, so interested parties should register as soon as possible.

Course Description:

The new "IGNITE" IBD Nurses Foundation School goes live on Monday 8 March 2021.  

The program delivers 15 CPD points, and consists of 9 online modules:

  1. The role of the IBD Nurse

  2. Anatomy, Physiology and Pathophysiology

  3. Assessment Tools in IBD

  4. 5-ASA and Corticosteroids

  5. Immunomodulators and TDM’s

  6. Biologic’s and TDM’s

  7. Preventative Care in IBD

  8. Blood, Stool and Opportunistic Infection Screening

  9. The IBD Helpline

Each video module is followed by a short multiple choice test, and the next module is released once that has been passed.  Attendees will have access to dedicated support forums for each module, and there will be a Zoom Q&A session with the presenters during the course.  The final component after module 9 is a case study to complete and submit for assessment.   The course should take around ten weeks, with a weekly one hour video and the fifteen minute multiple choice session (this can be re-taken if/as required).

Course Fees:

The Full Course Fee is $440 inc. GST.

AbbVie has kindly provided bursary for all attendees*.  The following bursaries apply:

GENCA Members: $220
Non-Members: $110

The bursary will apply to all Registered Nurses in Australia and New Zealand.  As such, final payment for the course to be paid upon registration will be:

  • GENCA Members: $220 inc GST
  • Non-members: $330 inc GST

* Acceptance of Bursary-reduced fees indicates agreement that your details may be provided to the Sponsor, Abbvie, solely for the purpose of adhering to the requirements of the Medicines Australia Code of Conduct Edition 19.

Course Requirements:

Attendees must be Registered Nurses in Australia or New Zealand and provide their registration number upon course registration. Attendees must be either working in an IBD Nurse position, or be intending to move into an IBD nursing role in the future.  Attendees will need access to a PC, laptop or tablet to take part in the course.

Register Now

Registration is live, simply click here for the Education Calendar. Hurry, as places are limited!

Sponsorship declaration

AbbVie has provided financial assistance for the running of the course, but is in no way responsible for the content of the education presented.