Who we are

Since its formation in 1978, the Gastroenterological Nurses College of Australia - GENCA - has been the national voice for gastroenterology and endoscopy nursing practice. As the only national organisation dedicated to this work, it has continued to strive to collectively meet the needs of this nursing speciality.

GENCA is dedicated to the safe and effective practice of gastroenterology and endoscopy nursing through its mission: to promote excellence in gastroenterology nursing practice. It is actively involved through:

  • The development of national standards and guidelines
  • Providing educational courses and supporting the COGEN credentialling program
  • Providing representation at state, national and international forums.

GENCA supports the professional development of its members in an atmosphere of mutual support and respect, as well as actively encouraging them to share their knowledge and expertise with their colleagues.

Our Vision:

GENCA is the peak professional body that sets the gold standard for gastroenterological nursing.

Our Mission:

The mission of GENCA is to develop and promote excellence in gastroenterology nursing practice.


In order to achieve our mission, GENCA will:

  • Facilitate professional development for gastroenterology nurses and the gastroenterology community
  • Develop and influence national and international standards of practice and guidelines
  • Disseminate and communicate gastroenterology knowledge
  • Foster research in gastroenterology practice
  • Facilitate specialties within the membership
  • Increase profile and recognition of the gastroenterological nursing profession
  • Provide services to members
  • Ensure GENCA is a well governed and managed association