GENCA Writers Award

The GENCA Writers Award of $3,000 is awarded annually, to acknowledge the most outstanding J.GENCA article submitted over the year. GENCA acknowledges Endomed for their sponsorship of this award.



The article:

  • Must not have been published elsewhere
  • Must be of professional interest to GENCA members
  • if the article is clinical or scientific in nature, it must be appropriately referenced.

Recipients of the Trudy Rayner Memorial Scholarship are ineligible for this award.  The award will be presented at the GENCA Awards Presentation, during AGW each year.

Past recipients

2016 Paris Tavakoli Clinical Update: Immunity in the gastrointestinal lumen Vol 26 No 1
2015 Susan Vordermaier Oesophageal Strictures and Dilation Vol 25 No 1
2014 Michelle Kent Equitable & timely access to endoscopic services - Is there scope for improvement in your unit? Vol 23 No. 3
2013 Catherine Saxon Indications for bronchoscopy at the Prince Charles Hospital Vol 22 No. 3
2012 Gillian Schofield Looking beyond the surface - implications of increased oxygen demand in complex patients Vol 21 No 4
2011 Helna Lindhout